The RockNRoll Circus

Fly from the RockNRoll Circus, which is a spectacular event in West London. The Circus combines live musicans playing with or over his DJ set while films play. It is a truly multi sensory event.

When Fly came to me he needed to get the venue filled. The first event, unfortunately, coincided with the Olympics Opening Ceremony which is why he came to Twitter Bee.

We used the Worker Bee package for one month before a big event. In just two weeks, Twitter Bee more than doubled the followers and most importantly we had a great turnout for our night. The followers kept increasing even after Twitter Bee stopped working on our account.

Beauty People UK

Ed from Beauty People came to Twitter Bee to increase their reach before the launch of his site.  Beauty People is aimed at Hair and Makeup professions as interactive platform for them to showcase their work and most importantly to buy products.

We sought out makeup artists that were active on Twitter and most importantly that were based outside large UK cities so they would be inclined to buy via the Beauty People website.

Twitter Bee increased Beauty Peoples’ reach by a total of 100%. In real numbers, they went from 210 followers to 400  in  six weeks. I continued to work with Ed using the Worker Bee package for another 6 weeks which brought the total number of followers to 545.

Ed was delighted with Twitter Bee but had to put the Beauty People site on hold in June 2012 due to a relocation.