At Twitter-Bee, we will build Twitter follower lists naturally and organically. We never just follow people willy-nilly. We build authentic relationships.   There is no point to just buy followers that will never do business with you.

If we are tweeting for you we don’t leave a conversation because we have reached our maximum number of tweets for our clients.

Queen Bee – Leave all your Social Media to us! We will tweet, pin, link, You Tube and Facebook for you depending upon the marketing plan we develop specifically for you. We even do Mantresting.

You just sit back and watch your influence grow.



Worker Bee – We work with you to develop an authentic list of followers and develop relationships by tweeting for you. This can be on a month by month basis.

With the Worker-Bee package, we will continue to build your following while establishing valuable relationships with your followers. We will send you a weekly report of the growth of your brand so you know it is working.



Basic Bee – We suggest who you should add to build a relevant follower list for your business. You will do all the adding and follow up. This would just be the list then the rest is up to you.This package gives you the ability to lend your own unique voice to your twitter feed.

Our suggested lists comes in groups of 25 followers. We suggest you don’t add more than that at a time or it will make your company look like it has just jumped into the game.



You can start working with Twitter Bee for as low as £50 per week.